I made these last year for a work event and they were so delicious! I also love that you don’t have to bake them. I found the original recipe here on Pinterest.


  • one large pack of mint Oreos (approx. 30 cookies)
  • 1 bar (8 oz) of softened cream cheese
  • 12 oz of chocolate chips (dark or milk)
  • toppings (I used assorted holiday sprinkles, you can also use crushed up candy cane)
  • optional: white chocolate for drizzling


  1. Put the Oreo’s in a food processor and process until fine
  2. Combine Oreo crumbs with softened cream cheese
  3. Roll into small bite-size balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
  4. Put in the freezer for 20 minutes
  5. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl for about 60 seconds and mix with a fork until smooth; add more time in the microwave if needed
  6. Use a fork to dip frozen Oreo balls into the chocolate mixture; tap the fork against bowl to get excess chocolate off
  7. Immediately top with toppings before the chocolate sets
  8. Keep in the freezer until ready to eat


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Can you believe it’s already December?? Oh, how time flies. Now I really need to sit down and start my online Christmas shopping…oy. Wish me luck. Here is my latest roundup of outfits I’ve recently worn.


Bell Sleeve Top | Denim Shorts | Purse | Olive Lace Up Flats | Necklace


Leopard Shift Dress | Monogram Necklace (gifted from Marley Lilly) | Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Watch | Blush Heels (sold out, VERY similar here) | Luggage Satchel


Open Back Top: Forever 21, similar option here | DIY Distressed Levi’s: loving this pair! | Steve Madden Shoes | Monogram Necklace | Luggage Satchel



Ribbed off-the-shoulder Sweater | Ripped Skinny Jeans | Crossbody Purse | Booties (from Target last year, similar style here) | Earrings (wedding gift, similar style here) | Mrs Necklace | Lip Colors: NYX Lingerie in ‘Lace Detail’ mixed w/ NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Tokyo’ | Lipliner: Mac in ‘Subculture’ | Blush/Eyeshadow: Manna Kadar Daydream Palette



Olive Swing Dress (similar option here) | Over-the-Knee Boots | Clutch: similar option here | Lariat Necklace: similar option here | Mrs. Necklace | House of Harlow Cuff Bracelet | Polish: OPI in ‘Russian Navy’

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday tomorrow!








Olive Swing Dress (Plato’s Closet for a Halloween costume, similar option here) | Over-the-knee boots | Clutch: similar option here | Lariat Necklace: similar option here | Mrs. Necklace | House of Harlow Cuff Bracelet | Polish: OPI in ‘Russian Navy’

This was a look I wore to a double date night with some friends. I finally scored myself some over-the-knee boots! They’ve been so popular for a couple years now and I finally found the right deal for me. I was worried about the 3″ heel being too high, but they are actually SO comfortable, it’s surprising. For double date night we went out to a Mexican restaurant in a new shopping/eating area in Huntington Beach called Pacific City. It’s so awesome and cute, and I’d love to go back and spend a shopping day there… even if it’s just window shopping. 🙂

oreo-cake oreo-pie oreo-crumble oreo-dessert oreo-recipe

I made this delicious Oreo pie recipe for a game night with some friends. Let me just say, I love Oreo anything. ANYTHING. My main goal was to pick something easy and quick, which it was (aside from the 2 hours you’ll need to let everything set). I used this recipe here I found on Pinterest and made of few of my own modifications.


  1. 1 (15.35 ounce) package Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies (buy 2 packs if you want even more Oreo love)
  2. 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  3. 2 packages (3.9 ounce, each) Instant Chocolate pudding mix
  4. 3 1/4 cups cold milk
  5. 1 pint (16 oz) of heavy cream
  6. 1 (8 ounce) block Cream cheese, softened
  7. 1 cup powdered sugar + 6 tablespoons for homemade cool whip
  8. vanilla extract (1/2 tspn x 2)

*recipe for 9″ x 13″ pan

  1. Put all of the Oreo’s in a gallon-size ziplock back and crush (easiest with a rolling pin – get all the air out of the bag)
  2. Set aside half of the cookie crumbs for the top. Pour the other half of cookie crumbs into a 9×13″ baking pan. Pour the melted butter over the crumbs and mix well to combine. Once combined, press into the pan to form a crust.
  3. In a bowl, whisk together the 2 pudding mixes and milk. Cover and place in fridge to set.
  4. In a medium bowl, blend cream cheese until smooth. Slowly add in the powdered sugar.
  5. In another medium bowl use an electric mixer to whip 1 cup of heavy cream, 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to make your homemade cool whip. Then fold it into the cream cheese mixture. Spread mixture over the cookie crust.
  6. Then take chocolate pudding and spread over the cream cheese mixture.
  7. Repeat the cool whip recipe and spread that over the chocolate pudding layer.
  8. Sprinkle the top with the remaining cookie crumbs.
  9. Cover and chill in fridge at least 2 hours before serving.

The original recipe calls for store-bought Cool Whip, but since it’s so easy to make and tastes much, much, much better I highly recommend making your own too. This is an easy recipe that you can quickly make and bring with you to any family/office/friend gathering. Enjoy! 🙂

Let the holiday season commence!










Ribbed off-the-shoulder Sweater | Ripped Skinny Jeans | Crossbody Purse | Booties (from Target last year, similar style here) | Earrings (wedding gift, similar style here) | Mrs Necklace | Polish Color: OPI in ‘Russian Navy’ | Lip Colors: NYX Lingerie in ‘Lace Detail’ mixed w/ NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Tokyo’ | Lipliner: Mac in ‘Subculture’ | Blush/Eyeshadow: Manna Kadar Daydream Palette

Happy Monday! 🙂 I wore this outfit to Thanksgiving dinner. Seth and I drove about an hour to his cousin’s place who thankfully hosted us this year. I’m obsessed with the color of this sweater! And unlike off-the-shoulder tops, this o-t-s sweater doesn’t always rise up over my shoulders – it stays down!

Lately, I’ve been into Zoella’s YouTube channel, specifically her makeup tutorials. I bought some nice eye brushes on sale through ipsy from Luxie Beauty and they make all the difference. And they’re rose gold & pink! I’ll photograph them to put them in my Friday Favorites soon 🙂 I know I’m no makeup guru, but I’ve love how my makeup turned out! It’s just something small that puts me in such a good mood.

Have a great week!

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