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Wool Baseball Cap | Pink Sweatshirt | Leggings – similar style here | Nike Sneakers | Aviator Sunglasses | Lip Color: Manna Kadar in ‘Lucky’

I can understand if you despise this new term “athleisure” to represent a entire sub-genre of clothing, but I’m actually quite a fan. 🙂 Yes, that means that I get to leisurely stroll through my day without having to step foot in the gym. If you can’t tell (jokingly), I really don’t love working out. But I have recently received that hard slap in the face that life likes to deliver to you every so often – my metabolism is slowing down and my activity level isn’t high enough to compensate for that. I can’t scarf down a brownie everyday and get away with it…anymore. I have to face facts and now, I need to challenge myself to quit with so much sugar. Unknowingly, this has progressed into an intense battle for me. I feel that it’s just as much an addiction as smoking cigarettes is. In fact, one of my new years resolutions is to always order a small size of a dessert, whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m always satisfied with a  small. I also plan to make this a lifestyle change – not just for the year 2017. It’s small things like that I need to start changing. This battle will be hard but let’s be real, giving up an addiction never is. And yes, working out harder in the gym will do me some good too.

Now that I’m done with my “Being-A-Grown-Up-Stinks-And-Now-I-Have-To-Be-More-Responsible” rant, I would like to mention that I wore this outfit to Disneyland around Christmas time. It was so incredibly magical! I loved every single second of it. I am definitely not one of those girls that spends a lot on athletic…I mean, athleisure wear, but I do not recommend Forever 21 leggings. I recommend their sports bras and their workout tanks because they are great value buys, but I bought multiple pairs of leggings and they don’t stay up around your hips that well and stretch out.

Hope everyone is still having a wonderful new year!

Bell Sleeve Dress | Purse | Heels: similar style here | Lipstick: Nars in ‘Dragon Girl’

All photos taken by Katie Stuart, KSTU Photography

This dress was one of those items that you spot in the store, don’t buy because you have some self control, but then return to the store the very next day just to purchase it. Yep, that good. I love the straps in the front because it’s not too low cut, the bell sleeves are trendy, and the print is just amazing! This is an easy go-to Sunday’s best look for me. Not gonna lie, I used some fake tanner on my legs for these photos because otherwise, it’s just not pretty. 🙂

Hubby and I just went to Disneyland this past weekend. It’s so magical during Christmas time! I felt like a little kid again. I’m looking forward to another trip we have coming up this month. So exciting!

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season <3

All photos taken by Katie Stuart

Plaid Scarf | Green/Navy Top | Clutch | Watch | Lipstick: Nars in ‘Dragon Girl’ | Jeans | Booties: Target, similar style here

As I get older I feel like I’m really starting to enjoy the entire Christmas season, rather than just Christmas day. I picked up a few more Christmas decor pieces from Target this year and put them up around the apartment. I really like the $3/$5 dollar section in the front of the store. 🙂  I wore this festive outfit to a chill game night with friends (minus the lipstick). I was surprised to see the leopard and plaid somehow work together!

How are you guys enjoying the entire holiday season??

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Can you believe it’s already December?? Oh, how time flies. Now I really need to sit down and start my online Christmas shopping…oy. Wish me luck. Here is my latest roundup of outfits I’ve recently worn.


Bell Sleeve Top | Denim Shorts | Purse | Olive Lace Up Flats | Necklace


Leopard Shift Dress | Monogram Necklace (gifted from Marley Lilly) | Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Watch | Blush Heels (sold out, VERY similar here) | Luggage Satchel


Open Back Top: Forever 21, similar option here | DIY Distressed Levi’s: loving this pair! | Steve Madden Shoes | Monogram Necklace | Luggage Satchel



Ribbed off-the-shoulder Sweater | Ripped Skinny Jeans | Crossbody Purse | Booties (from Target last year, similar style here) | Earrings (wedding gift, similar style here) | Mrs Necklace | Lip Colors: NYX Lingerie in ‘Lace Detail’ mixed w/ NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Tokyo’ | Lipliner: Mac in ‘Subculture’ | Blush/Eyeshadow: Manna Kadar Daydream Palette



Olive Swing Dress (similar option here) | Over-the-Knee Boots | Clutch: similar option here | Lariat Necklace: similar option here | Mrs. Necklace | House of Harlow Cuff Bracelet | Polish: OPI in ‘Russian Navy’

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday tomorrow!








Olive Swing Dress (Plato’s Closet for a Halloween costume, similar option here) | Over-the-knee boots | Clutch: similar option here | Lariat Necklace: similar option here | Mrs. Necklace | House of Harlow Cuff Bracelet | Polish: OPI in ‘Russian Navy’

This was a look I wore to a double date night with some friends. I finally scored myself some over-the-knee boots! They’ve been so popular for a couple years now and I finally found the right deal for me. I was worried about the 3″ heel being too high, but they are actually SO comfortable, it’s surprising. For double date night we went out to a Mexican restaurant in a new shopping/eating area in Huntington Beach called Pacific City. It’s so awesome and cute, and I’d love to go back and spend a shopping day there… even if it’s just window shopping. 🙂

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