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I don’t even know where to start in describing how different my day-to-day life is right now. I stopped working at CHOC about a month ago, we moved out from Orange County, California to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we are now closing on a house all while being pregnant. It sounds stressful and like a lot, but it’s really not! My pace of life has slowed way down and my husband is the ultimate partner in doing this thing called “life” with. I feel more thankful than ever. All of these opportunities almost scare me because that’s how good things are – I wouldn’t want anything to change.

I am able to stay at home during the day which means being able to focus on taking care of my family. Our family’s small but there’s always plenty to do on a daily basis. And being pregnant means I can rest as much as I’d like, for which I am insanely grateful for. I feel better about the food I’m making and eating, which means baby is probably getting better nutrition. It’s still early in the house-closing process for us, but things seem promising and we’re very excited about the new location we’ll be living in. More to come on that later.

24 Weeks Pregnant: I’ve been feeling so much better since the second trimester hit (about 15/16 weeks for me). That first trimester nausea had to go! My belly finally started showing at about 17/18 weeks and we felt baby boy kicking at about 21 weeks. It’s all completely and utterly magical. We still haven’t settled on a name yet, but I think it’s because we know we still have plenty of time. Staying hydrated is something that I have a harder time with now that I don’t have a rhythmic daily schedule, but I will continue to try. Overall, I seriously just can’t wait until this bun is done in the oven and I get to meet my new love.

Wool Baseball Cap | Pink Sweatshirt | Leggings – similar style here | Nike Sneakers | Aviator Sunglasses | Lip Color: Manna Kadar in ‘Lucky’

I can understand if you despise this new term “athleisure” to represent a entire sub-genre of clothing, but I’m actually quite a fan. 🙂 Yes, that means that I get to leisurely stroll through my day without having to step foot in the gym. If you can’t tell (jokingly), I really don’t love working out. But I have recently received that hard slap in the face that life likes to deliver to you every so often – my metabolism is slowing down and my activity level isn’t high enough to compensate for that. I can’t scarf down a brownie everyday and get away with it…anymore. I have to face facts and now, I need to challenge myself to quit with so much sugar. Unknowingly, this has progressed into an intense battle for me. I feel that it’s just as much an addiction as smoking cigarettes is. In fact, one of my new years resolutions is to always order a small size of a dessert, whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m always satisfied with a  small. I also plan to make this a lifestyle change – not just for the year 2017. It’s small things like that I need to start changing. This battle will be hard but let’s be real, giving up an addiction never is. And yes, working out harder in the gym will do me some good too.

Now that I’m done with my “Being-A-Grown-Up-Stinks-And-Now-I-Have-To-Be-More-Responsible” rant, I would like to mention that I wore this outfit to Disneyland around Christmas time. It was so incredibly magical! I loved every single second of it. I am definitely not one of those girls that spends a lot on athletic…I mean, athleisure wear, but I do not recommend Forever 21 leggings. I recommend their sports bras and their workout tanks because they are great value buys, but I bought multiple pairs of leggings and they don’t stay up around your hips that well and stretch out.

Hope everyone is still having a wonderful new year!


Alfred Coffee Shop in West Hollywood


Sending out my bridesmaids boxes asking them to be a part of the big day!


Sent these to our Ring Bearer and Flower Girl! Order here off of Etsy.


Went to a bridal show and we are in love with this vendor!


A late lunch/dinner one Saturday at Lemonade.


A pano of the flower fields in Carlsbad, California on Easter Sunday

FullSizeRender-2.jpgSimilar top // similar white ripped jeans // purse // MK watch // sunnies // similar earrings


Stopped here to get some grub after the flower fields. Best fish tacos!


Nutella french toast #nommmmmm


Cappuccino’s with a bestie

<3 -Melanie V.

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