I don’t even know where to start in describing how different my day-to-day life is right now. I stopped working at CHOC about a month ago, we moved out from Orange County, California to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we are now closing on a house all while being pregnant. It sounds stressful and like a lot, but it’s really not! My pace of life has slowed way down and my husband is the ultimate partner in doing this thing called “life” with. I feel more thankful than ever. All of these opportunities almost scare me because that’s how good things are – I wouldn’t want anything to change.

I am able to stay at home during the day which means being able to focus on taking care of my family. Our family’s small but there’s always plenty to do on a daily basis. And being pregnant means I can rest as much as I’d like, for which I am insanely grateful for. I feel better about the food I’m making and eating, which means baby is probably getting better nutrition. It’s still early in the house-closing process for us, but things seem promising and we’re very excited about the new location we’ll be living in. More to come on that later.

24 Weeks Pregnant: I’ve been feeling so much better since the second trimester hit (about 15/16 weeks for me). That first trimester nausea had to go! My belly finally started showing at about 17/18 weeks and we felt baby boy kicking at about 21 weeks. It’s all completely and utterly magical. We still haven’t settled on a name yet, but I think it’s because we know we still have plenty of time. Staying hydrated is something that I have a harder time with now that I don’t have a rhythmic daily schedule, but I will continue to try. Overall, I seriously just can’t wait until this bun is done in the oven and I get to meet my new love.

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